Thursday, October 5th, 2023


Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Discover the Future of Real Estate Investing at the REI Foundry!

We couldn’t be more excited to invite you to our very first event at the REI Foundry, a thriving new network space expressly built for the innovative minds and forward-thinkers who are redefining the real estate landscape. Mark the date in your calendar: Thursday, October 5th. This event is going to take place right here, at the heart of Phoenix, Arizona— where the real estate market buzzes with potential and promise.

Feel the electrifying energy of growth and progress as you step into our dynamic hub, the REI Foundry. Here, we believe in sparking connections, fostering collaborations, infusing innovation, and paving the way for success. There’s no event quite like this—your chance to mingle with others in the business, meet the masterminds behind the REI Foundry, and open your eyes to new investment opportunities.

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Building Long Term Alliances in Real Estate Investing

The Phoenix landscape is evolving, and with it comes new opportunities and challenges. But worry not, because standing right at the epicenter of it all is the REI Foundry! We are not just a workspace, we’re an incubator for brilliant ideas, a cooperative for innovative thinking, and a networking hub meant to facilitate strong, profitable, long-term alliances amongst real estate pros.

Prepare to shine brighter than ever as we open our doors on October 5th. We bring you talks featuring elite players in the industry, discussions on the latest market trends and practices, a panel of experienced real estate investors ready to answer your questions, and most importantly—an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. Join us at this inaugural event and be a part of this fast-growing, dynamic community.

Join Us on October 5th

Take your rightful place at the forefront of this game-changing event. Come and network, learn, and get inspired at the REI Foundry. Isn’t it time you ramped up your investment game?

Thursday, October 5th is just around the corner. We encourage you to register for the event today, secure a distinguished place amongst the leaders of tomorrow, and draw the blueprint for your future in real estate investment. To put it simply, it’s a date you can’t afford to miss.

Register for the live meet-up.

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