About Us

Welcome to SubREI, the fastest growing and innovative real estate investing software suite in the market today, designed to usher you into the new age of real estate investing. We are a reputable and experienced tech company, committed to bringing dynamic and revolutionary solutions to the world of real estate investing.

At SubREI, we specialize in the provision of software solutions that are not only powerful but also easy to navigate. Our integrated suite of services is designed with a keen understanding of the complexities and demands of modern-day investing. We provide advanced, user-friendly tools for managing properties and transactions seamlessly, ensuring you get the most out of your investments.

Our leading software, LeadSticker, is a comprehensive lead management platform that ensures you’re always ahead by keeping you updated with your leads. With features like automated SMS, regional specific phone numbers, and spam blockers, following up and organizing your leads has never been easier.

MapDriven, our robust lead generation platform, equips you with the necessary tools to find and manage leads efficiently. Leveraging several lead source tags and buckets, MapDriven ensures that communication with potential sellers is conducted smoothly and effectively.

Lastly, we have DealShotgun, designed to streamline transaction management and facilitate deal flow. With a customizable dashboard, an extensive data record, a to-do list, notes board, and several other features, we ensure every stage of your deal process; from start to finish, is handled with optimal efficiency.

At SubREI, our mission is to unlock your investment potential by revolutionizing your real estate investing experience with our quality, cutting-edge solutions. Our passion lies in simplifying the complex, making investing in real estate not only profitable but also enjoyable. Always remember, with SubREI you’re not just investing, you’re investing smarter.

Welcome to a new dawn of real estate investing! Welcome to SubREI.

Our Team

Andrew Pierce
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